Is OVCC for you?

cropped-fb-profile-3.jpgOne night, our song leader was at a restaurant. She sparked up a conversation with the server who insisted she “Couldn’t sing!”. After a bit of convincing the server pulled up a chair and agreed to sing a song with the table. She was given a simple two-note part, and the three dinner companions all took three other simple parts.

It was undeniably beautiful, and as the song developed the server’s face lit up. She jumped up from the table at the song’s finish and said she felt AMAZING and couldn’t believe she was part of something so incredible. She even came back for more singing as the night continued.

Two notes and she felt uplifted, felt joyful, felt BETTER. That is the goal of Outside Voices. To make people feel all of the benefits through the simple use of song.

If you’re still unsure, contact us and see if there is space to just drop in and see if Outside Voices is for you!

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