We are an informal singing group within the KW Region specializing in giving EVERYONE a chance to find their voice. We welcome ALL voices into our group of singers: joining does not require an audition, formal musical training, or the ability to read sheet music. Just…show up and sing.

We lend our voices to songs from all over the world, written anywhere from hundreds of years ago right up to re-imagined modern day melodies. The vast majority of our songs are sung acapella, using our own built-in instruments and body percussion to create rich and diverse arrangements. We do have a spectacular guitarist who rocks the strings for a big end of night arrangement though.

Basically, you can speak…so you can sing. And all you have to do is copy what our songleader is doing and sink into the song. With the other voices in the room, a beautiful and fulfilling song will be created.

Here is a little more info…just in case you want it…

Building a Song Circle

Several years ago, our song leader began to search the community for a choir to join and found that the KW Region is rich in diverse and really outstanding choral groups.

However, Sarah’s work involves helping people who think to themselves “I can’t sing” or “no-one wants to hear my songs” find their voice. It’s wonderful that there is an outlet for people comfortable with auditions and sheet music but, what about everyone else?

When we started, Sarah hoped she could find a handful of people and grow from there. But on our very first night had almost 50 people! It was inspiring, and since then we have grown and learned from one another and, have really beautiful moments of singing together.

Sarah DeHart- Creator, song leader, song arranger, and scavenger of world music

Sarah is a teacher with Music Together of Kitchener Waterloo, bringing music and movement to delightful tots and their parents- but also sharing in the joy of facilitating family music making!

She studied classical piano performance at the Victoria Conservatory of Music in British Columbia and has a love of conducting and all things Music Theatre. She plays the Ukelele, is learning the guitar and often writes music created just for the Outside Voices Singers!

Sarah’s family is also enthusiastic about family/group music making! She has two young kids who have been singing since they were born, and a husband who sings every week with Outside Voices. If you walk by a house where everyone is singing and dancing inside (without a care), that may be the DeHart family!

Taryn McKinnon- Guitarist, occasional Song Leader and overall Cool Lady

Taryn is a fellow teacher with Music Together of Kitchener Waterloo, and Music Therapist in the Region…and she can improvise song lyrics like a boss.

She has an Honors Bachelor in Music Therapy from Wilfred Laurier and specialized her work with children who have speech/language disorders. She has a particular interest in the connection between music and speech/language/communication skills.

Taryn is funny, and talented and adds an ease to the group the fits perfectly. Everyone needs some Taryn in their life!

What to expect

Before we even begin a song, we break the mold of a traditional choir. Members are not assigned a set place to stand or even a specific vocal range, and everyone is free to move about in an informal way to enable full immersion in the music. Our singers find where their voices are most comfortable on a given day or even during a specific song and this is what they are welcome to sing. We are coming together to feel good in sharing our voices- that is the emphasis!

We begin a song simply by singing it together and learning the basic melodies. From there we mix the songs up by breaking into groups and playing with part singing and rounds, call and response phrases and body percussion. Even harmonizing parts when possible.

Our library includes songs from all over the world; Canada, Africa, Greece, Israel, France and more! Beautiful old welsh lullabies, traditional celebration songs, familiar Canadian folk songs, and tunes you hear on the radio today, reinvented.

Check out a few song samples here: Tunes

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