cropped-outside-voices_final_transparent-1.pngWe want you to get right to the good stuff, so click on some links here (or use the ones at the top of the page. Just…don’t leave before you listen to some songs and feel tempted to join us!)

Go here: Tunes to hear some song samples. Trust me, click here. These were all learned with NO sheet music and our singers are just…regular people with regular jobs who want to sing in a group. You can too!!

Go here: About to learn a bit about our group, why it was created, our song leader Sarah, what to expect. All that good stuff.

How about here: Contact to ask a question. Sarah really truly finds these emails thrilling (honestly) and would love to chat with you about the group.

Custom Image by @toriwalkerdraws

And remember…

It takes just 10 minutes a day for a human being to feel the benefits of singing. It releases stress and eases anxiety, improves sleep and overall health and just simply makes you feel happier! We hope that by joining Outside Voices you’ll feel all these benefits and that in our evenings singing together you find an hour and a half of joy.

LZ Granderson said, “Complete strangers can stand silent next to each other in an elevator and not even look each other in the eye. But at a concert, those same strangers could find themselves dancing and singing together like best friends. That’s the power of music.”

Come and meet some strangers that will soon be friends!

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